Code of Conduct

2023 National  Easter Single Adult Convention, Gold Coast QLD - Tallabudgera


It is the desire of the Convention Committee that all who attend have a wonderful and uplifting time. To help you achieve this and maintain Church standards, you are required to read and accept the below Code of Conduct before confirming your registration. 

  1. I understand that Church Standards apply to this convention and I agree to follow these standards whilst at convention. 
  2. I will follow all convention and venue rules at all times including any direction from priesthood leaders and Convention Organisers. 
  3. I will wear my convention lanyard to activities including meals. I understand this identification will help cafeteria staff and the committee identify me.
  4. I agree to keep my assigned accommodation and other facilities clean and tidy, and ensure that my room is left clean and tidy at the end of my stay.
  5. I will not allow any member of the opposite gender to enter my room.
  6. I understand that sexual harassment, unlawful behaviour, derogatory remarks or jokes based on a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, religion or disability are inappropriate and not permitted at convention.
  7. I will respect other residents. i.e loud music, loud noise is not permitted.
  8. I accept that there will be absolutely no alcohol, smoking or other substances on-site.
  9. I understand that any form of violence, threat of violence or bullying to any person or to his/her property will not be accepted.
  10. I accept that swearing and coarse language is offensive and I not permitted at Convention.
  11. I agree and accept that if I am asked to leave convention for disregarding any of the rules above, my payment for convention will be forfeited and no refund will be made.
  12. I agree not to bring any food onsite to the Recreation Centre. (The only exception by the Recreation Centre is wrapped chocolate or Easter Eggs (so long as they do not contain nuts).